Connecticut Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey [D] | Engrossed

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StanceStateBillStatusSummary/TitleLast Actionsort icon
CTSB00972EngrossTo grant access to original birth records to all adopted persons eighteen years of age or older who were born in Connecticut regardless of date of birth.
Bill Passed Temporarily
CTSB00393EngrossTo require the Department of Developmental Services to use up-to-date medical assessment policies and consult with families, providers and advocates for persons with intellectual disability in its level of need assessment.
House Calendar Number 689
CTHB05308EngrossTo establish guidelines that govern vegetation management along state highways by the Department of Transportation.
File Number 903
CTHB07203EngrossTo promote the safety of pedestrians by requiring motorists to grant the right-of-way to pedestrians who affirmatively indicate their intention to cross the road in a crosswalk.
Senate Calendar Number 483
CTHB07043EngrossTo specify certain parameters for a room or other location in the workplace that accommodates employee breastfeeding.
File Number 810
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