Bill Text: FL S1074 | 2014 | Regular Session | Introduced

Bill Title: Dual Enrollment Program

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Failed) 2014-05-02 - Died in Education [S1074 Detail]

Download: Florida-2014-S1074-Introduced.html
       Florida Senate - 2014                                    SB 1074
       By Senator Montford
       3-00882-14                                            20141074__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to the dual enrollment program;
    3         amending s. 1001.60, F.S.; authorizing a Florida
    4         College System institution to serve any secondary dual
    5         enrollment student who resides outside the
    6         institution’s designated service area; amending s.
    7         1001.64, F.S.; authorizing the board of trustees of a
    8         Florida College System institution to establish dual
    9         enrollment articulation agreements with any district
   10         school superintendent; prohibiting a Florida College
   11         System institution from requiring a superintendent to
   12         obtain approval to develop a dual enrollment agreement
   13         with another Florida College System institution under
   14         certain circumstances; amending s. 1001.65, F.S.;
   15         revising the powers and duties of a president of a
   16         Florida College System institution with regard to
   17         developing and implementing a dual enrollment
   18         articulation agreement; amending s. 1001.706, F.S.;
   19         authorizing a state university to serve secondary dual
   20         enrollment students who reside anywhere in the state;
   21         amending s. 1007.271, F.S.; revising provisions
   22         relating to the full-time equivalent student
   23         membership value for dual enrollment students;
   24         revising dual enrollment articulation agreement
   25         requirements; revising funding provisions delineating
   26         costs incurred by the Florida College System
   27         institution providing instruction; amending s.
   28         1011.62, F.S.; revising provisions regarding the
   29         calculation of full-time equivalent membership with
   30         respect to dual enrollment instruction; providing an
   31         effective date.
   33  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   35         Section 1. Paragraph (e) is added to subsection (2) of
   36  section 1001.60, Florida Statutes, to read:
   37         1001.60 Florida College System.—
   38         (2) FLORIDA COLLEGE SYSTEM.—There shall be a single Florida
   39  College System comprised of the Florida College System
   40  institutions identified in s. 1000.21(3). A Florida College
   41  System institution may not offer graduate degree programs.
   42         (e) A Florida College System institution may serve any
   43  secondary dual enrollment student who resides outside the
   44  institution’s designated service area.
   45         Section 2. Present paragraphs (b) through (g) of subsection
   46  (8) of section 1001.64, Florida Statutes, are redesignated as
   47  paragraphs (c) through (h), respectively, and a new paragraph
   48  (b) is added to that subsection, to read:
   49         1001.64 Florida College System institution boards of
   50  trustees; powers and duties.—
   51         (8) Each board of trustees has authority for policies
   52  related to students, enrollment of students, student records,
   53  student activities, financial assistance, and other student
   54  services.
   55         (b) Each board of trustees may establish a dual enrollment
   56  articulation agreement pursuant to s. 1007.271 with any district
   57  school superintendent regardless of whether the school district
   58  is located within the Florida College System institution’s
   59  designated service area as specified in s. 1000.21. A Florida
   60  College System institution may not require a district school
   61  superintendent whose school district is located in the
   62  institution’s designated service area to obtain approval to
   63  develop a dual enrollment articulation agreement with a Florida
   64  College System institution in another service area.
   65         Section 3. Subsection (21) of section 1001.65, Florida
   66  Statutes, is amended to read:
   67         1001.65 Florida College System institution presidents;
   68  powers and duties.—The president is the chief executive officer
   69  of the Florida College System institution, shall be corporate
   70  secretary of the Florida College System institution board of
   71  trustees, and is responsible for the operation and
   72  administration of the Florida College System institution. Each
   73  Florida College System institution president shall:
   74         (21) Develop and implement jointly with any school
   75  superintendent superintendents a comprehensive dual enrollment
   76  articulation agreement for the students enrolled in the their
   77  respective school district districts and service areas pursuant
   78  to s. 1007.271(21).
   79         Section 4. Paragraph (j) is added to subsection (3) of
   80  section 1001.706, Florida Statutes, to read:
   81         1001.706 Powers and duties of the Board of Governors.—
   84         (j) The Board of Governors shall allow a state university
   85  to serve secondary dual enrollment students who reside anywhere
   86  in the state.
   87         Section 5. Subsections (2) and (4) and paragraph (n) of
   88  subsection (21) of section 1007.271, Florida Statutes, are
   89  amended to read:
   90         1007.271 Dual enrollment programs.—
   91         (2) For the purpose of this section, an eligible secondary
   92  student is a student who is enrolled in a Florida public
   93  secondary school or in a Florida private secondary school that
   94  which is in compliance with s. 1002.42(2) and provides a
   95  secondary curriculum pursuant to s. 1003.428 or s. 1003.4282.
   96  Students who are eligible for dual enrollment pursuant to this
   97  section may enroll in dual enrollment courses conducted during
   98  school hours, after school hours, and during the summer term.
   99  However, if the student is projected to graduate from high
  100  school before the scheduled completion date of a postsecondary
  101  course, the student may not register for that course through
  102  dual enrollment. The student may apply to the postsecondary
  103  institution and pay the required registration, tuition, and fees
  104  if the student meets the postsecondary institution’s admissions
  105  requirements under s. 1007.263. Instructional time for dual
  106  enrollment may vary from 900 hours; however, the school district
  107  may only report the student for a maximum of 1.0 FTE, as
  108  provided full-time equivalent student membership value shall be
  109  subject to the provisions in s. 1011.61(4). Any student enrolled
  110  as a dual enrollment student is exempt from the payment of
  111  registration, tuition, and laboratory fees. Applied academics
  112  for adult education instruction, developmental education, and
  113  other forms of precollegiate instruction, as well as physical
  114  education courses that focus on the physical execution of a
  115  skill rather than the intellectual attributes of the activity,
  116  are ineligible for inclusion in the dual enrollment program.
  117  Recreation and leisure studies courses shall be evaluated
  118  individually in the same manner as physical education courses
  119  for potential inclusion in the program.
  120         (4) District school boards may not refuse to enter into a
  121  dual enrollment articulation agreement with a local Florida
  122  College System institution if that Florida College System
  123  institution has the capacity to offer dual enrollment courses. A
  124  Florida College System institution may limit dual enrollment
  125  participation based upon capacity. Such limitation must be
  126  clearly specified in the dual enrollment articulation agreement.
  127         (21) Each district school superintendent and Florida
  128  College System institution president shall develop a
  129  comprehensive dual enrollment articulation agreement for the
  130  respective school district and Florida College System
  131  institution. The superintendent and president shall establish an
  132  articulation committee for the purpose of developing the
  133  agreement. Each state university president may designate a
  134  university representative to participate in the development of a
  135  dual enrollment articulation agreement. A dual enrollment
  136  articulation agreement shall be completed and submitted annually
  137  by the Florida College System institution to the Department of
  138  Education on or before August 1. The agreement must include, but
  139  is not limited to:
  140         (n) A funding provision that delineates costs incurred by
  141  each entity. School districts should share funding shall pay the
  142  standard tuition rate per credit hour from funds provided in the
  143  Florida Education Finance Program to the institution providing
  144  instruction when such instruction takes place on the
  145  postsecondary campus to cover instructional and support costs
  146  incurred by the postsecondary institution. When dual enrollment
  147  is provided on the high school site by postsecondary institution
  148  faculty, the school district shall reimburse the costs
  149  associated with the proportion of salary and benefits and other
  150  actual costs of the postsecondary institution to provide the
  151  instruction. When dual enrollment is provided on the high school
  152  site by school district faculty, the school district shall be
  153  responsible only for the postsecondary institution’s actual
  154  costs associated with offering the program. A postsecondary
  155  institution may enter into an agreement with the school district
  156  to authorize teachers who teach dual enrollment courses at the
  157  high school site or the postsecondary institution. A school
  158  district may not deny a student access to dual enrollment unless
  159  the student is ineligible to participate in the program subject
  160  to provisions specifically outlined in this section.
  161         Section 6. Paragraph (i) of subsection (1) of section
  162  1011.62, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  163         1011.62 Funds for operation of schools.—If the annual
  164  allocation from the Florida Education Finance Program to each
  165  district for operation of schools is not determined in the
  166  annual appropriations act or the substantive bill implementing
  167  the annual appropriations act, it shall be determined as
  168  follows:
  170  OPERATION.—The following procedure shall be followed in
  171  determining the annual allocation to each district for
  172  operation:
  173         (i) Calculation of full-time equivalent membership with
  174  respect to dual enrollment instruction.—Students enrolled in
  175  dual enrollment instruction pursuant to s. 1007.271 may be
  176  included in calculations of full-time equivalent student
  177  memberships for basic programs for grades 9 through 12 by a
  178  district school board. Instructional time for dual enrollment
  179  may vary from 900 hours; however, the school district may only
  180  report the student for a maximum of 1.0 full-time equivalent
  181  student membership value as provided shall be subject to the
  182  provisions in s. 1011.61(4). Dual enrollment full-time
  183  equivalent student membership shall be calculated in an amount
  184  equal to the hours of instruction that would be necessary to
  185  earn the full-time equivalent student membership for an
  186  equivalent course if it were taught in the school district.
  187  Students in dual enrollment courses may also be calculated as
  188  the proportional shares of full-time equivalent enrollments they
  189  generate for a Florida College System institution or university
  190  conducting the dual enrollment instruction. Early admission
  191  students shall be considered dual enrollments for funding
  192  purposes. Students may be enrolled in dual enrollment
  193  instruction provided by an eligible independent college or
  194  university and may be included in calculations of full-time
  195  equivalent student memberships for basic programs for grades 9
  196  through 12 by a district school board. However, those provisions
  197  of law which exempt dual enrolled and early admission students
  198  from payment of instructional materials and tuition and fees,
  199  including laboratory fees, shall not apply to students who
  200  select the option of enrolling in an eligible independent
  201  institution. An independent college or university which is
  202  located and chartered in Florida, is not for profit, is
  203  accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern
  204  Association of Colleges and Schools or the Accrediting Council
  205  for Independent Colleges and Schools, and confers degrees as
  206  defined in s. 1005.02 shall be eligible for inclusion in the
  207  dual enrollment or early admission program. Students enrolled in
  208  dual enrollment instruction shall be exempt from the payment of
  209  tuition and fees, including laboratory fees. No student enrolled
  210  in college credit mathematics or English dual enrollment
  211  instruction shall be funded as a dual enrollment unless the
  212  student has successfully completed the relevant section of the
  213  entry-level examination required pursuant to s. 1008.30.
  214         Section 7. This act shall take effect July 1, 2014.