Bill Text: HI HB1408 | 2019 | Regular Session | Amended

Bill Title: Relating To The Hawaii Housing Finance And Development Corporation Budget.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 3-0)

Status: (Engrossed) 2019-04-26 - Conference Committee Meeting will reconvene on Friday, 04-26-19 at 4:40PM in Conference Room 423. [HB1408 Detail]

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     SECTION 1.  The purpose of this Act is to establish the office of the housing advocate, which shall be funded by the dwelling unit revolving fund.

     SECTION 2.  The Hawaii Revised Statutes is amended by adding a new chapter to be appropriately designated and to read as follows:


housing advocate

     §   ‑1  Office of the housing advocate; qualifications; duties.  (a)  There is established the office of the housing advocate, to be placed within the office of the governor, which shall be headed by the housing advocate and funded by the dwelling unit revolving fund.  The housing advocate shall be appointed, without regard to section 26-34, by the governor to serve a term of four years concurrent with the term of the governor.

     (b)  The housing advocate shall develop, advocate for, and implement policies to solve Hawaii's housing shortage by:

     (1)  Analyzing solutions and programs to address the State's need for housing that is affordable for all economic segments of the State, including but not limited to programs or proposals that provide for:

          (A)  Financing acquisition, rehabilitation, preservation, conversion, or construction of housing;

          (B)  Use of publicly owned land and buildings as sites for affordable housing;

          (C)  Identification of state and local regulatory barriers to the development and placement of housing;

          (D)  Stimulating public and private sector and intergovernmental cooperation in the development of housing;

          (E)  The equitable geographic distribution of housing for all economic segments;

          (F)  Examination of successful housing policies from jurisdictions across the country and the world, and how to adapt them to the State;

          (G)  Addressing the unique circumstances for special needs populations;

          (H)  Provision of infrastructure for existing and future housing needs;

          (I)  Preservation and enhancement of the character of the State's unique cultures and communities;

          (J)  Correction of distortions in the housing market;

          (K)  Prevention of the erosion of housing stock due to speculation, transient accommodations and short-term vacation rentals, and other phenomena; and

          (L)  Addressing the diversity of communities across the State;

     (2)  Considering homeownership and rental housing as viable options for the provision of housing.  The housing advocate shall give consideration to various types of residential construction and innovation housing options, including but not limited to manufactured housing;

     (3)  Reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations regarding existing and proposed housing programs and initiatives, including but not limited to tax policies, land use policies, and financing programs;

     (4)  Incorporating feedback and concerns from all stakeholders in the State's housing crisis;

     (5)  Attracting and retaining future generations and industries through the provision of abundant and affordable housing; and

     (6)  Engaging and educating the public on housing policies and programs."

     SECTION 3.  Section 201H-191, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by amending subsection (a) to read as follows:

     "(a)  There is created a dwelling unit revolving fund.  The funds appropriated for the purpose of the dwelling unit revolving fund and all moneys received or collected by the corporation for the purpose of the revolving fund shall be deposited in the revolving fund.  The proceeds in the revolving fund shall be used [to]:

     (1)  To reimburse the general fund to pay the interest on general obligation bonds issued for the purposes of the revolving fund[, for];

     (2)  For the necessary expenses in administering housing development programs and regional state infrastructure programs[, and for carrying];

     (3)  To carry out the purposes of housing development programs and regional state infrastructure programs, including but not limited to the expansion of community facilities and regional state infrastructure constructed in conjunction with housing and mixed-use transit-oriented development projects, permanent primary or secondary financing, and supplementing building costs, federal guarantees required for operational losses, and all things required by any federal agency in the construction and receipt of federal funds or lowincome housing tax credits for housing projects[.]; and

     (4)  To fund the office of the housing advocate pursuant to section    -1."

     SECTION 4.  Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed and stricken.  New statutory material is underscored.

     SECTION 5.  This Act shall take effect on January 1, 2050.


Report Title:

Housing; Housing Advocate; Office of the Housing Advocate; Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund



Establishes the Office of the Housing Advocate to work with all state agencies that manage land to advocate for solutions to the State's housing shortage, and monitor, comment, and report on the State's production of affordable housing units and the development and implementation of laws, regulations, and policies relating to affordable housing.  Effective 1/1/2050.  (SD2)




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