Bill Text: IL SR0372 | 2019-2020 | 101st General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Declares May 2019 as "Brain Tumor Awareness Month" in the State of Illinois and urges increased funding and research.

Spectrum: Moderate Partisan Bill (Democrat 5-1)

Status: (Passed) 2019-05-31 - Added as Co-Sponsor Sen. Toi W. Hutchinson [SR0372 Detail]

Download: Illinois-2019-SR0372-Introduced.html

SR0372LRB101 12303 MST 60116 r
2 WHEREAS, Nearly 87,000 people in the United States will be
3diagnosed with a primary brain tumor this year; and
4 WHEREAS, Brain tumors are the leading cause of death from
5cancer in children and teens under the age of 19; and
6 WHEREAS, The five-year relative survival rate in the United
7States following diagnosis of a primary malignant brain and
8spinal tumor is only 35 percent; and
9 WHEREAS, Almost 18,000 people in the United States will
10lose their battle with a brain tumor this year; and
11 WHEREAS, Brain tumors may be either malignant or benign but
12can be life-threatening in either case; and
13 WHEREAS, Nearly 700,000 people in the United States are
14currently living with a brain tumor; and
15 WHEREAS, Treatment of brain tumors is complicated by the
16fact that there are over 120 different types of tumors; and
17 WHEREAS, The treatment and removal of brain tumors present
18significant challenges because of the brain's uniquely complex

SR0372- 2 -LRB101 12303 MST 60116 r
1and fragile nature; and
2 WHEREAS, Brain tumors affect the primary organ in the human
3body that not only controls cognitive ability but the actions
4of every other organ and limb in the body, leading to a tumor
5of the brain being described as a disease that affects the
6essence of self; and
7 WHEREAS, In 2008, the United States House of
8Representatives passed H. Res. 1124, establishing the month of
9May as National Brain Tumor Awareness Month; and
10 WHEREAS, Brain tumor research is supported by a number of
11private nonprofit research foundations and by institutes at the
12National Institutes of Health, including the National Cancer
13Institute and the National Institute for Neurological
14Disorders and Stroke; and
15 WHEREAS, Basic research advances may fuel the research and
16development of new treatments; and
17 WHEREAS, Daunting obstacles to the development of new
18treatments still remain, and there are no strategies for
19screening or early detection of brain tumors; and
20 WHEREAS, Despite the number of people diagnosed with a

SR0372- 3 -LRB101 12303 MST 60116 r
1brain tumor every year and their devastating prognoses, there
2remains a need for the development of new and effective
3therapies to treat brain tumors; and
4 WHEREAS, There is a need for greater public awareness of
5brain tumors, including the difficulties associated with
6research on these tumors and the opportunities for advances in
7brain tumor research and treatment; and
8 WHEREAS, May 2019, when brain tumor advocates nationwide
9unite in awareness, outreach, and advocacy activities, is an
10appropriate month to be recognized as Brain Tumor Awareness
11Month; therefore, be it
13ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we declare May 2019 as
14Brain Tumor Awareness Month in the State of Illinois; and be it
16 RESOLVED, That we encourage increased public awareness of
17brain tumors to honor those who have lost their lives to this
18devastating disease or are currently living with a brain tumor
19diagnosis, to support efforts to develop better treatments for
20brain tumors that will improve the quality of life and the
21long-term prognosis of those individuals diagnosed with a brain
22tumor, to express our support for those individuals who are

SR0372- 4 -LRB101 12303 MST 60116 r
1battling brain tumors, as well as their families, friends, and
2caregivers, and to urge increased research in all sectors to
3advance knowledge and treatment for this disease.