Bill Text: NY A00216 | 2019-2020 | General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Relates to the care of animals; requires regular diurnal light cycles of either natural or artificial light; requires separate space for pregnant or nursing dogs; requires a certain level of sanitation of primary enclosures and cages; requires sanitary food receptacles; requires grooming.

Spectrum: Slight Partisan Bill (Democrat 12-4)

Status: (Passed) 2019-08-08 - signed chap.149 [A00216 Detail]

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                STATE OF NEW YORK
                               2019-2020 Regular Sessions
                   IN ASSEMBLY
                                     January 9, 2019
        Introduced  by  M.  of A. PAULIN, GALEF, GOTTFRIED, PICHARDO, ZEBROWSKI,
          McDONOUGH, RAIA, WEPRIN -- Multi-Sponsored by -- M. of A. COOK,  DAVI-
          LA, RA -- read once and referred to the Committee on Agriculture
        AN ACT to amend the agriculture and markets law, in relation to the care
          of animals
          The  People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section 1. Paragraphs (e), (g) and (h) of subdivision 1 of section 401
     2  of the agriculture and markets law, paragraphs (e) and (g) as  added  by
     3  chapter  259  of the laws of 2000, and paragraph (h) as added by chapter
     4  110 of the laws of 2012, are amended to read as follows:
     5    (e) The indoor facilities housing the animals shall be  provided  with
     6  adequate  lighting  sufficient to permit routine inspection and cleaning
     7  and be arranged so that each animal is protected from excessive  illumi-
     8  nation  which poses a health hazard to the animal.  Animal areas must be
     9  provided with regular diurnal light cycles of either natural or  artifi-
    10  cial light.
    11    (g)  In  the  event that a pet dealer has a pregnant or nursing dog on
    12  his or her premises, the pet dealer shall provide  a  whelping  box  for
    13  such  dog.  Separate and apart from the whelping box, a pet dealer shall
    14  provide a pregnant or nursing dog with a separate  space  accessible  to
    15  her  that complies with the standards set forth in paragraph (b) of this
    16  subdivision. Each nursing dog shall be provided with a sufficient amount
    17  of floor space to nurse and care for her litter.
    18    (h) Pet dealers shall designate and  provide  an  isolation  area  for
    19  animals  that  exhibit  symptoms  of  contagious disease or illness. The
    20  location of such designated area must be such as to  prevent  or  reduce
    21  the  spread  of  disease  to healthy animals and must otherwise meet all
    22  housing requirements of this section.
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

        A. 216                              2
     1    § 2. Subdivision 2 of section 401 of the agriculture and markets  law,
     2  as  added  by  chapter  259  of  the laws of 2000, is amended to read as
     3  follows:
     4    2.  Sanitation.  Housing  facilities, including primary enclosures and
     5  cages, shall be kept in a clean condition in order to maintain a healthy
     6  environment for the animal. This shall include removing  and  destroying
     7  any agents injurious to the health of the animal and periodic cleanings.
     8  Primary  enclosures  must  be  cleaned daily and sanitized at least once
     9  every two weeks by washing all soiled surfaces with  appropriate  deter-
    10  gent  solutions  and disinfectant or by using a combination detergent or
    11  disinfectant product that accomplishes the same purpose with a  thorough
    12  cleaning  of  the  surfaces to remove excreta, feces, hair, dirt, debris
    13  and food waste to permit effective sanitization,  followed  by  a  clean
    14  water rinse. The primary enclosure or cage shall be constructed so as to
    15  eliminate excess water, excretions, and waste material. Under no circum-
    16  stances  shall  the  animal  remain inside the primary enclosure or cage
    17  while it is being cleaned with sterilizing agents  or  agents  toxic  to
    18  animals  or cleaned in a manner likely to threaten the health and safety
    19  of the animal. Trash and waste products on the premises shall be proper-
    20  ly contained and disposed of so as to minimize  the  risks  of  disease,
    21  contamination, and vermin.
    22    §  3. Paragraph (c) of subdivision 3 of section 401 of the agriculture
    23  and markets law, as added by chapter 259 of the laws of 2000, is amended
    24  to read as follows:
    25    (c) [Food] Sanitary food receptacles shall be provided  in  sufficient
    26  number, of adequate size, and so located as to enable each animal in the
    27  primary  enclosure  or  cage  to  be supplied with an adequate amount of
    28  food.
    29    § 4. Subparagraphs (iv) and (v) of paragraph (a) of subdivision  5  of
    30  section  401 of the agriculture and markets law, as added by chapter 110
    31  of the laws of 2012, are amended and a new subparagraph (vi) is added to
    32  read as follows:
    33    (iv) Adequate guidance to personnel involved in the care  and  use  of
    34  animals regarding handling and immobilization; [and]
    35    (v)  Pre-procedural and post-procedural care in accordance with estab-
    36  lished veterinary medical and nursing procedures[.]; and
    37    (vi) In the case of dealers who sell or offer to sell  twenty-five  or
    38  more  dogs  or  cats per year to the public for profit that are born and
    39  raised on the dealer's residential premises, annual veterinary  examina-
    40  tions,  at a minimum, for all intact adult dogs or cats on such dealer's
    41  premises.
    42    § 5. Section 401 of the agriculture and  markets  law  is  amended  by
    43  adding a new subdivision 8 to read as follows:
    44    8.  Grooming. All animals shall be groomed regularly to prevent exces-
    45  sive matting of fur, overgrown toenails and flea and tick infestation.
    46    § 6. This act shall take effect on the ninetieth day  after  it  shall
    47  have become a law. Effective immediately, the addition, amendment and/or
    48  repeal  of  any  rule  or regulation necessary for the implementation of
    49  this act on its effective date are authorized to be made  and  completed
    50  on or before such effective date.