Senate Resolution No. 1557


        CONGRATULATING  Brian  R. Seeley upon the occasion
        of receiving the distinguished rank of Eagle  Scout,
        the  most prestigious of Scouting honors, on May 31,

  WHEREAS,  Brian  R.  Seeley,  through  his  diligence  and  rigorous
efforts,  has  achieved  Scouting's  highest  and most prestigious rank,
Eagle Scout; the Eagle Court of Honor ceremony will be held  on  Friday,
May 31, 2019, at St. Martin of Tours, Bethpage, New York; and

  WHEREAS,  Brian R. Seeley is a member of Boy Scouts of America Troop
604 in Bethpage; it is only with the continued diligence and devotion of
our youth, tomorrow's leaders, that America will maintain her glory; and

  WHEREAS, In 2007, Brian R. Seeley began his Scouting career as a Cub
Scout in Pack 603; when he joined Troop 604 in 2012, he earned the Arrow
of Light Award and, by March of that same year, he became a Scout; and

  WHEREAS, Brian R.  Seeley  quickly  advanced  through  the  Scouting
ranks; he became a Tenderfoot Scout in March of 2013; Second Class Scout
in  September of 2013; First Class Scout in March of 2014; Star Scout in
March of 2015; and Life Scout in December of 2015,  before  earning  the
distinguished rank of Eagle Scout in December of 2018; and

  WHEREAS,  Brian  R. Seeley, a well-rounded young man who serves as a
role model to his peers, has held several  leadership  positions  within
his   troop,   including:  Troop  Historian,  Assistant  Patrol  Leader,
Librarian, Den Chief, Troop Guide, WebMaster, OA  Troop  Representative,
and Unit Scouter College Reserve; and

  WHEREAS, The recipient of numerous awards and achievements, Brian R.
Seeley   earned   Firem'n  Chit,  Totin'  Chip,  Snorkeling  BSA,  World
Conservation and Order of the Arrow Awards, Brotherhood, and two  Silver
Palms; and

  WHEREAS,  Brian  R.  Seeley  has made persistent and steady progress
through the ranks to achieve this prestigious award and has demonstrated
his determination to prepare himself for a meaningful,  productive  role
in  society;  currently,  he is a senior at Bethpage Senior High School;
after graduating, he plans on attending the University of North Carolina
at Charlotte where he will study Computer Engineering; and

  WHEREAS, America has achieved her greatest heights of glory  through
the  dedication,  determination  and tireless efforts of the outstanding
citizens of this Nation; and

  WHEREAS, The Boy Scouts of America and its members are dedicated  to
the development of character and leadership in the youth of this Nation;

  WHEREAS,  The  highest achievement of leadership in Scouting, earned
by approximately five percent of all Boy Scouts,  is  the  distinguished
rank of Eagle Scout; and

  WHEREAS,  This  outstanding  young man has been involved in Scouting
for many years, has lived up to Scouting's ideals and has  attained  all
of  the  necessary  achievements,  including  completion  of a community
service project, which was successfully planned, developed and executed;

  WHEREAS, For his project, Brian R. Seeley chose a  task  to  benefit
the  Dogability  Center  in Syosset, New York; the Center offers various
activities where dogs and people  can  interact;  the  staff  work  with
children  that  have  a fear of dogs, the elderly, people suffering from
PTSD, and more; and

  WHEREAS, Brian R. Seeley built seven large tables,  8'  x  4';  each
table  also  included  a shelf where staff can store dog supplies; these
tables allow the Center to better host parties and events; and

  WHEREAS, Brian R. Seeley's perseverance in rising through the  ranks
to Eagle Scout is a strong indication of his ability to master difficult
tasks;  his  accomplishment will enable him to emerge as a leader, fully
equipped to meet the challenges of today's complex society; and

  WHEREAS, This new Eagle Scout is a credit to his family, his school,
his community, his State and his Nation, and no doubt his future will be
filled with accomplishments of equal importance; now, therefore, be it

  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations,  in
recognition  of  the  significance  of  this meritorious achievement, to
congratulate and honor Brian R. Seeley on achieving the  rank  of  Eagle
Scout; and be it further

  RESOLVED,  That  a  copy  of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to Brian R. Seeley.