Bill Text: NY K00410 | 2019-2020 | General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Commemorating the observance of the 10th Annual Thurgood Marshall Day in New York on May 17, 2019

Spectrum: Slight Partisan Bill (Democrat 46-24)

Status: (Passed) 2019-05-15 - adopted [K00410 Detail]

Download: New_York-2019-K00410-Introduced.html

Assembly Resolution No. 410

BY: M. of A. Jaffee

        COMMEMORATING  the  observance  of the 10th Annual
        Thurgood Marshall Day in New York on May 17, 2019

  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body believes that creating a day to honor
Thurgood Marshall will ensure  that  the  State  of  New  York  and  its
residents  commemorate and acknowledge the actions of Thurgood Marshall;

  WHEREAS,  The  late  Justice  Thurgood  Marshall  was  one  of  this
country's  premier  champions  of  civil  rights; he championed the most
important premises of democratic government  --  freedom,  equality  and
justice  for all -- and successfully utilized the courthouse to advocate
for, and champion the cause of, equal treatment under the law; and

  WHEREAS,  The  Honorable  Thurgood  Marshall  is  one  of  the  most
well-known  figures  in  the  history  of  the  civil rights movement in
America and the first  African  American  United  States  Supreme  Court
Justice, serving for 24 years between 1967 and 1991; and

  WHEREAS,  The Honorable Thurgood Marshall is most commonly known for
his stellar representation of the NAACP before the Supreme Court of  the
United  States  in  the matter of Brown v. The Board of Education, which
led the Supreme Court to  declare  the  segregation  of  public  schools
illegal  in  the  United States; this year marks the 65th Anniversary of
this landmark decision; and

  WHEREAS, In the 1940s, Thurgood Marshall successfully argued for the
desegregation of a school in Hillburn, New York, Rockland County; and

  WHEREAS, The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Eta Chi Lambda Chapter has
worked tirelessly to ensure that the  legacy  of  Thurgood  Marshall  is
recalled and honored; and

  WHEREAS, Through the efforts of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Eta Chi
Lambda  Chapter,  a  historical  commemorative marker was erected in the
Village of Hillburn, New York, commemorating his efforts; and

  WHEREAS, The Main School in Hillburn, New York, was added to the New
York State and  National  Registers  of  Historic  Places  for  Thurgood
Marshall's work in desegregating the school in the 1940s; and

  WHEREAS,  In addition to desegregation of schools, Thurgood Marshall
was a lead advocate who successfully argued  challenges  against  "white
only"  primary  elections  and  restrictive  covenants  in real property
against people of color; and

  WHEREAS, Justice Thurgood Marshall passed away on January 24,  1993,
and,  in his eulogy to the late Thurgood Marshall, Chief Justice William
H.  Rehnquist, referring to the words above the front  entrance  to  the
United  States Supreme Court, "Equal Justice for All", stated "Surely no
one individual did more to make these  words  a  reality  than  Thurgood
Marshall"; and

  WHEREAS, The notion of Equal Justice Under Law requires constant and
personal  attention  by  each and every citizen if it is to work for the
benefit of all; now, therefore, be it

  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
commemorate the observance of the 10th Annual Thurgood Marshall  Day  in
New York on May 17, 2019.