S T A T E   O F   N E W   Y O R K
                              2011-2012 Regular Sessions
                                   I N  S E N A T E
                                    March 10, 2011
       Introduced  by  Sen.  ADAMS  -- read twice and ordered printed, and when
         printed to be committed to the Committee on Labor
       AN ACT to direct the commissioner of labor,  in  consultation  with  the
         superintendent  of  insurance,  to study the feasibility of developing
         and implementing an insurance plan to provide benefits  to  unemployed
         persons  upon  the  expiration of unemployment benefits; and providing
         for the repeal of such provisions upon expiration thereof
    1    Section  1. Legislative intent. The legislature finds that the contin-
    2  uous downsizing of employees by  the  public  and  private  sectors  has
    3  created  great concerns relative to long term stability in employment. A
    4  recent study indicates that projected job employment for  persons  under
    5  age forty will average four and one-half years per employment placement.
    6  This employment instability is further aggravated by actual and project-
    7  ed exportation of domestic jobs.
    8    The  legislature further finds that state government officials regard-
    9  less of political party affiliation have all expressed concern  relative
   10  to  payment  of  persons  on the public assistance rolls, and have urged
   11  various "workfare not welfare" programs. It is clear  that  this  recent
   12  employment   enigma   can  only  further  exacerbate  this  unemployment
   13  discussion.
   14    Accordingly it is prudent that the state  develop  an  insurance  plan
   15  that  provides for persons who may encounter such an employment predica-
   16  ment.   Such a plan would lessen  the  burden  of  public  support,  and
   17  provide  for  the  stable  financial management of dislocated employees.
   18  Such insurance plan would provide benefits upon the expiration of  unem-
   19  ployment  benefits if the unemployment condition prevails. Contributions
   20  to the insurance program would derive from deductions through employees'
   21  salaries. Such deductions would be no more than ten  percent  of  annual
   22  salary. Unspent accounts would be refunded after an employee attains the
        EXPLANATION--Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                             [ ] is old law to be omitted.
       S. 3933                             2
    1  age  of fifty-five. The intent of this legislation is to provide employ-
    2  ees with insurance against job insecurity.
    3    S  2.  The commissioner of labor, in consultation with the superinten-
    4  dent of insurance, shall study the feasibility of developing and  imple-
    5  menting an insurance plan to provide benefits to unemployed persons upon
    6  the expiration of unemployment benefits. Such study shall include:
    7    1.  the  manner in which insurance premiums shall be paid to such plan
    8  including payroll deductions from employee salaries;
    9    2. the amount of such payroll deductions not exceeding ten percent  of
   10  such employee salaries;
   11    3.  a mechanism to refund to employees premiums paid by employees that
   12  were not paid on such employees' behalf; and
   13    4. any other information that the commissioner of labor deems relevant
   14  and necessary.
   15    S 3. A report of the findings of such study,  recommendations  of  the
   16  commissioner  of  labor and any proposed legislation necessary to imple-
   17  ment such findings shall be filed with the governor, the temporary pres-
   18  ident of the senate and the speaker of  the  assembly  within  one  year
   19  after the effective date of this act.
   20    S  4.  This  act shall take effect immediately and shall expire and be
   21  deemed repealed one year after such date.