Florida Code | Chapter 402 Article 402

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FLS1326EnrollRequiring the Department of Children and Families to establish performance metrics; requiring sheriffs providing certain services to adopt the child welfare practice model; requiring the department to establish an Office of Quality; adding responsibi...
Approved by Governor
FLH0043PassRequiring the Florida Court Educational Council to establish certain standards for instruction of circuit and county court judges for dependency cases; requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to provide certain information to law enforcement offi...
Chapter No. 2020-40
FLH7063IntroRequires DCF to establish Office of Quality & apply performance metrics; provides & revises provisions relating to child welfare, including duties of community alliances, sheriffs providing certain services, contracted attorneys, & lead agencies; rev...
Died on Calendar
FLS0122IntroCiting this act as "Jordan's Law"; expanding the list of entities with access to certain records that relate to child abandonment, abuse, or neglect held by the Department of Children and Families; authorizing the parent or legal guardian of a child ...
Laid on Table, refer to CS/HB 43
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