Florida Code | Chapter 456 Article 076

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FLH0731PassRevises certain duties of AHCA relating to reporting, oversight, licensure inspections, issuance of licenses, & Medicaid fraud investigations; removes annual assessment on health care entities; removes provisions relating to multiphasic testing cente...
Chapter No. 2020-156
FLS0350FailCreating the student evaluation program within the Department of Health for a specified purpose; requiring consultants to redact a student's personal identifying information and to forward the invoice for an evaluation to the department; providing fo...
Died in Health Policy
FLS1726IntroRequiring birth centers to report certain deaths and stillbirths to the agency; revising provisions requiring the agency to conduct licensure inspections of nursing homes; removing a requirement that the agency annually report to the Governor and the...
Laid on Table, refer to CS/CS/HB 731
FLS1386IntroCreating the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact; providing for recognition of psychologist licenses in compact states; maintaining that authority over a psychologist's license remains with the home state but authorizing receiving states to define...
Withdrawn from further consideration
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