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HIHB820EnrollRequires the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation to study and formulate a plan to implement an ALOHA homes program to provide low-cost, high-density leasehold homes for sale to Hawaii residents on state-owned lands within a one-half mi...
Transmitted to Governor.
HIHB1593EngrossRequires the department of education, in consultation with the office of enterprise technology services, to develop and procure a uniform financial database, with parameters, benefits, and features that are compatible to the software system being imp...
Received notice of Senate conferees (Sen. Com. No. 919).
HIHB910EngrossRequires the Office of Planning to conduct a study on the infrastructure of the Banyan Drive area on the Waiakea Peninsula on the island of Hawaii. Appropriates funds. Takes effect 12/31/2050. (SD1)
To Senate Ways and Means Committee
HISB362IntroProhibits any law, ordinance, or rule from imposing an inclusionary zoning requirement on housing offered exclusively for sale in perpetuity to buyers who are residents of the State, are owner-occupants, and do not own any other real property.
To Senate Judiciary Committee
HIHB1067IntroProhibits any development on conservation lands of the Mauna Kea summit at 6,000 feet above sea level and higher.
To House Water, Land, & Hawaiian Affairs Committee
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