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MDSB252VetoProhibiting a train or light engine used in the movement of freight in the same rail corridor as a high-speed passenger or commuter train from being operated in the State unless it has at least two crew members; establishing certain penalties; provid...
Vetoed by the Governor (Policy)
MDSB319PassRequiring the Maryland Transit Administration to provide ridership services on transit vehicles to any permanent employee in any unit of the Executive Branch of State government, including a unit with an independent personnel system; prohibiting the ...
Approved by the Governor - Chapter 420
MDSB280PassSpecifying the State minimum wage rate that is in effect for certain time periods and for certain employers except under certain circumstances; authorizing the Board of Public Works to temporarily suspend an increase to the minimum wage rate if the s...
Gubernatorial Veto Override - Chapter 11
MDSB931IntroEstablishing the Office of Transportation Oversight as an independent unit in the Executive Branch of State government; applying the motor fuel tax to bunker fuel; requiring the Comptroller and the State Treasurer to establish a certain motor fuel ta...
To Senate Budget and Taxation Committee
MDSB914IntroProhibiting the construction of a certain transportation project involving a magnetic levitation propulsion system without a certain informed consent of a majority of the governing bodies of the affected counties; requiring a project owner to provide...
To Senate Rules Committee
MDSB702IntroEstablishing a Healthy Climate Initiative in the Department of the Environment for certain purposes; requiring the Secretary of the Environment to administer certain schedules of greenhouse gas pollution charges; requiring the Secretary to delegate c...
Hearing 3/05 at 1:00 p.m. (Finance)
MDSB200IntroProhibiting the State and certain units and instrumentalities of the State from using any appropriation for a magnetic levitation transportation system in the State; prohibiting a public or private entity that receives money from the State from autho...
Hearing 2/06 at 1:00 p.m. (Budget and Taxation)
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