Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
1motor vehicle1labor AND rate AND repair
2marijuana2collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
3retirement savings3telemedicine OR telehealth
4small business retirement4"law enforcement" AND "felony"
5education5"fantasy sports" OR "fantasy contest"
6wireless facilities6nicotine OR "vapor product" OR "vapor products" OR "e-cigarette" OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarette" OR "electronic cigarettes" OR "alternative nicotine" OR "smoking device" OR "inhalant-delivery" OR "other tobacco product" OR "other tobacco products" OR "derived from tobacco"
7genocide7small ADJ business ADJ investment ADJ company
8insurance8procurement AND preferences
9landlord tenant9marijuana OR cannabis OR cannabinoid OR cannabidiol OR marihuana OR hemp
10turkish10"sports betting" OR "sports wagering" OR "professional sporting events"
11disability11"blockchain" OR "block chain" OR "distributed ledger" OR "distributed technology" OR "dlt" OR "cryptocurrency" OR "virtual currency" OR "digital currency" OR "virtual currencies" OR "cryptocurrencies" OR "digital currencies" OR "bitcoin" OR "digital asset" OR "unconventional asset"
12bicycles pedestrians12abortion OR (pregnancy near termination)
13"collision repair"13texting AND driving
14"body shop"14((reform OR repeal) AND "affordable care act") AND (exchange OR connector OR benefit OR medicaid) AND (health care)
15tree15local AND food
16"crash parts"16broker ADJ dealer
17"appraisal clause"17personal ADJ property ADJ tax
18abortion18hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana
19"sick leave"19voting AND disabilities
20"unemployment insurance"20illinois marriage AND dissolution of marriage act
21opioid21type:b AND status:passed
22repossession22preference AND procurement
23employee23gender AND bathroom
24license plates24tobacco product: minimum legal age
25article v convention25status:introduced AND (alternative ADJ fuel)
26health care26"marijuana" OR "cannabis"
27holding a person without evidence27investment ADJ adviser
28firearm28higher AND education AND capital
29sex offender29creates AND manufacturing
30law enforcement30convention AND amendments
31property tax31"child restraint" OR "safety belt" OR "car seat" OR "seat belt" OR "seatbelt" OR "child safety seat" OR "booster seat" OR "child passenger safety"
32"medication synchronization"32civil practice AND remedies code
33gaming33budget accountability AND transparency act
34kindergarten34"sports betting" OR "sports wagering" OR "sports gaming" OR "professional sporting events"
35"workers' compensation"35relating to regulations AND policies for entering OR using a bathroom OR changing facility; authorizing a civil penalty; increasing criminal penalties.
36retirement saving36home AND community based
37nafld37tobacco products: minimum legal age
38cannabis38texas health AND safety code
39blockchain39financial ADJ exploitation
40annexation40"electric vehicle" AND "registration fee"
41medicaid emergency41cell phone AND pedestrian
42curriculum42(budget AND "health care") AND (biotech OR medicaid)
43retirement43substance use disorders AND revising AND supplementing various
44blood test44sports physicals AND chiropractor
45israel45relating to public school finance, including the establishment of a tax credit scholarship AND educational expense assistance program.
46turkic46("plastic surgery" OR cosmetic OR aesthetic OR "jen's law" OR "medical spa" OR "elective" OR topical OR "body composition") AND (pharmaceutical OR mastectomy OR congenital OR reconstruct OR dermal OR procedure OR treatment OR surgery) not ("plumbing" OR vehicle OR judicial OR abortion OR "election")
47refugee47pharmacy AND compound AND (prescription OR product) not (budget OR tax OR vehicle OR "immunization" OR contraceptive OR overdose OR opioid OR marijuana)
48healthcare48streaming AND video AND tax
49cybersecurity49(health ADJ care) OR medicare OR medicaid OR mainecare
50vehicle50breast AND (cancer OR carcinoma OR metastatic OR mastectomy) AND (implant OR reconstruct OR procedure OR surgery) not (school OR "plumbing" OR vehicle OR judicial OR tax OR abortion OR "election")