Washington Legislature | 2019-2020 | Regular Session

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Active Washington Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB1039Concerning opioid overdose medication at kindergarten through twelfth grade schools and higher education institutions.2019-01-25
SB5054Increasing the behavioral health workforce by establishing a reciprocity program to increase the portability of behavioral health licenses and certifications.2019-01-25
HB1187Revising hydraulic project eligibility standards under RCW 77.55.181 for conservation district-sponsored fish habitat enhancement projects.2019-01-25
HB1066Requiring debt collection complaints to be filed prior to service of summons and complaint.2019-01-25
HB1086Increasing appropriated funding for public defense services.2019-01-25
SB5012Concerning governmental continuity during emergency periods.2019-01-25
HB1136Implementing child support pass-through payments.2019-01-25
HB1149Clarifying requirements to obtain a sexual assault protection order.2019-01-25
HB1175Concerning authorization of health care decisions by an individual or designated person.2019-01-25
HB1074Protecting youth from tobacco products and vapor products by increasing the minimum legal age of sale of tobacco and vapor products.2019-01-25

Most Viewed Washington Bills

HB1068Concerning high capacity magazines.Bill Text
HB1005Regarding foreclosure and distraint sales of manufactured/mobile or park model homes.Bill Text
HB1023Allowing certain adult family homes to increase capacity to eight beds.Bill Text
HB1040Concerning the creation of a work group to study and make recommendations on natural disaster mitigation and resiliency activities.Bill Text
SB5014Reducing state assessment requirements to only those required for federal purposes in order to facilitate removal of inequitable barriers to students.Bill Text
HB1014Concerning financial responsibility of motorcycle operators.Bill Text
HB1012Concerning the use of child passenger restraint systems.Bill Text
HB1071Protecting personal information.Bill Text
SB5064Protecting personal information.Bill Text
SB5032Concerning medicare supplemental insurance policies.Bill Text

Most Monitored Washington Bills

HB1071Protecting personal information.Bill Text
SB5134Concerning the capital budget.Bill Text
SB5135Preventing toxic pollution that affects public health or the environment.Bill Text
SB5064Protecting personal information.Bill Text
SB5058Penalizing employers who relocate call centers to another country.Bill Text
SB5217Concerning industrial insurance wage loss.Bill Text
SB5097Concerning the licensure and certification of massage therapists and reflexologists.Bill Text
SB5251Concerning prescription drug cost transparency.Bill Text
SB5031Protecting consumers from charges for out-of-network health care services.Bill Text
SB5225Clarifying the contracting procedures for cities.Bill Text

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