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Active Washington Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB2943Providing a business and occupation tax preference for behavioral health administrative services organizations.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB2419Studying barriers to the use of the Washington death with dignity act.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB2848Changing the expiration date for the sales and use tax exemption of hog fuel to coincide with the 2045 deadline for fossil fuel-free electrical generation in Washington state and to protect jobs with health care and retirement benefits in economicall...2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB2248Expanding equitable access to the benefits of renewable energy through community solar projects.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB1056Creating a task force to identify the role of the workplace in helping curb domestic violence.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB2919Adjusting the amount and use of county fees on the real estate excise tax.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB2634Exempting a sale or transfer of real property for affordable housing to a nonprofit entity, housing authority, or public corporation from the real estate excise tax.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB2579Establishing a wild horse holding and training program at Coyote Ridge corrections center.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB1948Supporting warehousing and manufacturing job centers.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.
HB2723Addressing off-road vehicle and snowmobile registration enforcement.2020-04-03
Governor vetoed.

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Most Viewed Washington Bills

SB5395Concerning comprehensive sexual health education.Bill Text
SB5376Protecting consumer data.Bill Text
HB1975Authorizing sports wagering subject to the terms of tribal-state gaming compacts.Bill Text
HB1012Concerning the use of child passenger restraint systems.Bill Text
HB1638Promoting immunity against vaccine preventable diseases.Bill Text
HB1155Concerning meal and rest breaks and mandatory overtime for certain health care employees.Bill Text
HB1739Concerning firearms that are undetectable or untraceable.Bill Text
HB1110Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuels.Bill Text
HB2158Creating a workforce education investment to train Washington students for Washington jobs.Bill Text
SB5326Concerning booth rental agreements.Bill Text

Most Monitored Washington Bills

SB5376Protecting consumer data.Bill Text
SB5395Concerning comprehensive sexual health education.Bill Text
SB5326Concerning booth rental agreements.Bill Text
SB6281Concerning the management and oversight of personal data.Bill Text
HB1854Protecting consumer data.Bill Text
SB5841Modifying certain vaccine provisions.Bill Text
HB1503Concerning registration and consumer protection obligations of data brokers.Bill Text
HB1068Concerning high capacity magazines.Bill Text
HB2742Concerning the management and oversight of personal data.Bill Text
HB2046Increasing consumer data transparency.Bill Text

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