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HIHB252PassEstablishes a provisional license for speech pathologists. Takes effect on 01/01/2022. (HB252 CD1)
Act 235, 07/02/2019 (Gov. Msg. No. 1337).
HISB412EngrossMakes an application for voter registration, including an affidavit, part of all driver's license and identification card applications. Automatically registers each applicant who elects to register for voting unless the applicant affirmatively declin...
Conference committee meeting to reconvene on 04-26-19 1:45PM in conference room 225.
HISB307EngrossEstablishes a provisional license for speech pathologists. (SB307 HD1)
To House Consumer Protection & Commerce Committee
HIHB1203IntroRequires that any person who is eligible to vote and applies for a new or renewal motor vehicle driver's license, provisional license, or instruction permit, or a new, renewal, or duplicate identification card be automatically registered to vote if t...
To House Judiciary Committee
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