Washington D.C. Legislature | 2019-2020 | 23rd Council

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Active Washington D.C. Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

B23-0325As introduced it requires dementia training for direct care workers, which includes staff whose work involves extensive contact with residents or program participants of residential facilities or home-and community-based programs that provide support...2019-11-22
Public Hearing Held
B23-0150As introduced it establishes a dyslexia screening and intervention pilot program for early elementary grades to be implemented by the State Superintendent of Education. 2019-11-06
Public Hearing Held
B23-0049As introduced, it establishes a classroom innovation grant program to provide funding to District of Columbia public and public charter elementary schools to allow classroom teachers to utilize technology to enhance students' learning experience. 2019-11-06
Public Hearing Held
B23-0196As introduced it requires the Mayor to convene a steering committee to develop and publish a Comprehensive Student Technology Equity Plan for DC Public Schools every two years. The plan must achieve a one-to-one device-to-student ratio for grades 3-...2019-11-06
Public Hearing Held
B23-0094As introduced it requires that District of Columbia Public Schools and Public Charter Schools provide education on the process of making an anatomical gift. Schools must provide information about the life-saving and life-enhancing effects of organ, ...2019-11-06
Public Hearing Held
B23-0244As introduced it establishes a financial literacy education program. It requires that the Office of the State Superintendent of Education develop a financial literacy course to be piloted in all DC public high schools no later than the 2020-2021 scho...2019-11-06
Public Hearing Held
B23-0359As introduced it requires the Department of Transportation to create rules governing electric mobility devices. It requires a permit to operate an electric mobility device fleet. It establishes fleet maintenance requirements. It requires a 24 hour ho...2019-11-04
Public Hearing Held
B23-0044As introduced it authorizes that upon a judicial finding of an intrafamily offense, the parties may obtain a divorce within 3 months of filing a complaint provided that they have lived separate and apart since the date of the offense. Among other thi...2019-10-30
Public Hearing Held
B23-0317As introduced it designates Go-Go music as the official music of the District of Columbia and requires the Mayor to implement a program to support, preserve, and archive Go-Go music and its history. 2019-10-30
Public Hearing Held
B23-0319As introduced it requires that the Board of Election mail all registered qualified electors a ballot for primary, general, special elections, recall initiatives and referendums. Qualified electors will have a three-week window in which to mail in bal...2019-10-30
Public Hearing Held

Most Viewed Washington D.C. Bills

B23-0101Clarification And Hospital Closure Procedure Congressional Review Emergency Amendment Act Of 2019Bill Text
B23-0127As introduced it establishes a Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole for the District of Columbia and to determine its functions, and for other purposes, to include individuals who committed an offense before age 25 in the existing sentence modi...Bill Text
CER23-00514oth Anniversary Of "yardbird Sweets" And Askia Muhammad Recognition Resolution Of 2019Bill Text
B23-0209Amendments moved at the Committee of the Whole may be accessed under the "Other Documents" tab. The PDF referral memo may be accessed under the "Other Documents" tab. The below list notes the committee referrals. The Chairman is referring this leg...Bill Text
B23-0171As introduced, this bill permits a minor of any age to consent to receive a vaccine where the vaccination is recommended by the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. It also establishes that if a minor is able to comprehend the ...Bill Text
PR23-0001Revised Rules may be accessed from the "Other Documents" tab.Bill Text
B23-0025As introduced it exempts the initial procurement contract entered into in connection with the Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of 2018 and the corresponding emergency legislation from the requirements of the Procurement Practices Reform Act of 2...Bill Text
B23-0225As introduced it provides rules for determining when property is presumed abandoned as well as establishes requirements for notification of owners, taking custody, sale and administration of such property. Bill Text
B23-0318As introduced it decriminalizes prostitution if those involved are 18 years of age and older. It requires the establishment of a task force to study and make recommendations regarding: the effects and unintended consequences of the Reducing Criminali...Bill Text
B23-0215As introduced it specifies the required contents of a notification of a security breach to a person whose personal information is included in a breach and clarifies time frames for reporting. It specifies security requirements for protection of perso...Bill Text

Most Monitored Washington D.C. Bills

B23-0215As introduced it specifies the required contents of a notification of a security breach to a person whose personal information is included in a breach and clarifies time frames for reporting. It specifies security requirements for protection of perso...Bill Text
B23-0040As introduced it amends current laws regarding sealing and expungement of criminal records by allowing for automatic sealing and expungement of certain cases. It identifies which misdemeanors and felonies qualify for sealing or expungement. It estab...Bill Text
B23-0002Sports Wagering Lottery Clarification Emergency Amendment Act Of 2019Bill Text
B23-0362As introduced it requires individual or group health plans and health insurance coverage through Medicaid or the D.C. Healthcare Alliance program to cover at least two postpartum healthcare visits, home visits, fertility preservation services, and tr...Bill Text
B23-0034As introduced it prohibits the import, sale, offer for sale, purchase, barter, or possession with intent to sell ivory products and rhinoceros horn products. Bill Text
B23-0145As introduced it regulates the practice of tele-psychology and the face to face practice of psychology across state boundaries. Among other things, It provides legal recognition to psychologists properly licensed out of state. It also requires all co...Bill Text
B23-0045As introduced it creates regulations that govern the removal of bedbugs. It also requires landlords to notify adjoining tenants of infestations. Landlords and pest control operators are required to report infestations to DCRA and among other things ...Bill Text
B23-0266As introduced it prohibits marijuana testing as a condition of employment unless required by law.Bill Text
B23-0148As introduced it requires that employers who have employees who turn down parking benefits offer a Clean air Transportation Fringe Benefit in an amount equal to or more than the market value of the parking benefit minus the employee's contribution to...Bill Text
B23-0250As introduced it defines the practice of professional art therapy which includes assisting people to improve cognitive and sensory-motor functions, increase self-esteem, cope with grief and traumatic experience, resolve conflicts and distress, and en...Bill Text

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