Montana Legislature | 2019 | Regular Session

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Active Montana Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB157Generally revise laws related to disqualification of judges2019-02-07
HB185Revise brewery operation hours2019-02-05
HB184Constitutional initiative regarding tobacco products2019-02-05
SB100Requiring the provision of information before the performance of an abortion2019-02-01
HB70Increase the amount of green timber that can be harvested by commercial permit2019-02-01
SB71Regulate health insurers' administration of pharmacy benefits for consumers2019-02-01
HB105Revise process for out-of-state licensure for professional licensing boards2019-02-01
HB114Amend process to appoint water mediator2019-02-01
SB106Revise laws related to psychologists' prescriptive authority2019-02-01
HB193Establish a carbon tax and distribute revenue2019-01-31

Most Viewed Montana Bills

HB113Revise the Montana Child Care ActBill Text
SB12Revise school funding related to oil and gas production taxesBill Text
HB21Establishing "Hanna's Act"Bill Text
SB19Revise laws related to local government budgeting and accountingBill Text
SB52Generally revise laws on sexual assault kitsBill Text
SB9Revise school funding related to overestimated ANB increasesBill Text
SB6Revise school funding related to school safetyBill Text
SB11Clarify age requirements related to the definition of pupilBill Text
SB71Regulate health insurers' administration of pharmacy benefits for consumersBill Text
SB4Require daily or monthly rates for certain DD community servicesBill Text

Most Monitored Montana Bills

HB21Establishing "Hanna's Act"Bill Text
SB30Allowing peer support services to be reimbursed under MedicaidBill Text
SB52Generally revise laws on sexual assault kitsBill Text
HB87Revise child abuse diversion pilot project lawsBill Text
HB27Generally revise special education fundingBill Text
HB113Revise the Montana Child Care ActBill Text
HB109Revise statute of limitations for sex offensesBill Text
SB95Revise gun laws related to people convicted of stalking or domestic violenceBill Text
SB23Require accommodations to employer-mandated vaccinations to be uniformly offeredBill Text
SB63Revise licensing, other regulations for Board of Funeral ServiceBill Text

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