Florida Legislature | 2018 | Regular Session

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Active Florida Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

H0307Provides quorum requirements for Commission on Human Relations & its panels; revises number of persons commission may recommend for Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame; requires commission to provide notice to aggrieved person in certain circumstances;...2018-02-21
On Committee agenda-- Judiciary Committee, 02/21/18, 9:00 am, Sumner Hall
H0771Revises provisions relating to use of office of notary public; authorizes online notarizations & provides requirements & exceptions; provides registration & qualification requirements; authorizes performance of certain notarial acts.2018-02-21
H1435Requires DCF, in collaboration with sheriffs' offices that conduct child protective investigations & community-based care lead agencies, to develop statewide family-finding program; authorizes community-based care lead agencies to establish kinsh...2018-02-21
H0909Authorizes public institution of higher education to create & enforce restrictions on expressive activities on campus; provides for cause of action against such institution for violations of act; provides for damages; provides statute of limitations.2018-02-21
H0323Revises courses required for standard diploma; requires school districts to provide financial literacy course as elective; requires DOE to identify certain assessments for specified purposes.2018-02-21
H7061Increases jurisdictional limits for actions at law by county courts for specified period of time; provides formula to be used by Supreme Court in adjusting jurisdictional limit.2018-02-21
H1129Requires certain membership organizations that provide child care to be licensed as child care facilities; revises training requirements for child care personnel; exempts certain organizations from child care facility licensing standards; establishes...2018-02-21
H0675Revises membership of Board of Pharmacy; establishes Class III institutional pharmacies; provides requirements for such pharmacies; revises notice requirements; authorizes distribution of medicinal drugs & prepackaged drug products without specified ...2018-02-21
H1199Creates exemption from public records requirements for personal identifying information of adults who participate in prearrest diversion program; provides applicability; provides retroactive application; provides for future review & repeal of exempti...2018-02-21
H0751Revises penalties for noncompliance with work requirements for temporary cash assistance; requires DEO, in cooperation with CareerSource Florida, Inc., & DCF, to develop & implement work plan agreement for participants in temporary cash assistance pr...2018-02-21

Most Viewed Florida Bills

H1357Directs DHSMV to implement protocols for issuing optional electronic credential & procure related technology solution & electronic credential providers; authorizes DHSMV to assess fee; requires that electronic credential be in format that allows cert...Bill Text
S0766Exempting all aircraft sales or leases, rather than the sales or leases of certain aircraft, from the sales and use tax; defining the term "aircraft", etc.Bill Text
S0080Specifying that a direct primary care agreement does not constitute insurance and is not subject to the Florida Insurance Code; specifying that entering into a direct primary care agreement does not constitute the business of insurance and is not sub...Bill Text
S0280Establishing the standard of care for telehealth providers; providing that telehealth providers, under certain circumstances, are not required to research a patient's history or conduct physical examinations before providing services through teleheal...Bill Text
S0138Citing this act as the "Florida Families First Act"; requiring the Department of Health to create public service announcements to educate the public on perinatal mental health care; revising components that are included in the postpartum evaluation a...Bill Text
H0129Requires schools to provide certain information relating to free or reduced-price meals; provides school duties & responsibilities relating free or reduced-price meals & students; prohibits schools from taking specified actions.Bill Text
S0020Providing for the relief of Maury Hernandez; providing an appropriation to compensate him for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the alleged negligence of the Department of Corrections, etc.Bill Text
S0032Providing for the relief of Reginald Jackson; providing an appropriation to compensate Reginald Jackson for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the negligence of Mike Cochran, a police officer for the Lakeland Police Department, etc.Bill Text
S0108Establishing the Kidcare Operational Efficiency and Health Care Improvement Workgroup as a task force administratively housed in the Department of Health to maximize the return on investment and enhance the operational efficiencies of the Florida Kid...Bill Text
H0037Specifies that direct primary care agreement does not constitute insurance & provides requirements for such agreement.Bill Text

Most Monitored Florida Bills

H0219Prohibits sale, transfers, or possession of assault weapon or large-capacity ammunition magazine; provides exceptions; requires certificates of possession for assault weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines lawfully possessed before specified ...Bill Text
H0001Establishes Hope Scholarship Program; provides requirements for such program; authorizes certain persons to elect to direct certain state sales & use tax revenue to be transferred for Hope Scholarship Program; provides penalties; make specified infor...Bill Text
H0367Provides for enactment of Agreement Among States to Elect President by National Popular Vote; provides method by which state may become member state; requires statewide popular election for President & Vice President of U.S.; establishes procedure fo...Bill Text
S0602Authorizing a court to depart from mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment for certain drug trafficking offenses if it makes specified findings, etc.Bill Text
S1172Establishing the Hope Scholarship Program; providing Department of Education obligations relating to participating students and private schools and program requirements; authorizing certain persons to elect to direct certain state sales and use tax r...Bill Text
H0621Provides exception to prohibition on possessing firearms & specified devices on school property for authorized concealed weapon & firearm licensees who are designated by school principals & district school superintendents; provides requirements for d...Bill Text
S0688Requiring counties, except under certain circumstances, to use surtax proceeds only for specified purposes; prohibiting the use of such proceeds for nontransit purposes, etc.Bill Text
H0033Requires law enforcement officer to inform motor vehicle operator of certain rights; prohibits certain actions by officer; requires officer to record race & ethnicity of violator when issuing citation; requires law enforcement agencies to report such...Bill Text
S0664Requiring salvors of pleasure vessels to provide specified verbal and written notice, etc.Bill Text
H0039Removes statement of applicability relating to certain violations of carrying concealed weapon or firearm; reduces penalties applicable to person licensed to carry concealed weapon or firearm for first or second violation of specified provisions rela...Bill Text

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