North Carolina Legislature | 2019-2020 | Regular Session

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Active North Carolina Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

S553Regulatory Reform Act of 20192019-09-19
Vetoed 09/20/2019
H211Various DMV Changes2019-09-19
Pres. To Gov. 9/19/2019
H655NC Health Care for Working Families2019-09-18
H633Strengthen Criminal Gang Laws2019-09-18
Conf Com Appointed
H935Social Services Reform2019-09-18
S691Emergency Operating Funds for Utilities2019-09-18
Pres. To Gov. 9/18/2019
H1021Require Veto Vote W/I 5 Days of Calendaring2019-09-18
H283Conner’s Law2019-09-17
Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)
S61Handicapped & Various Other License Plates2019-09-13
S199Child Sex Abuse/Strengthen Laws2019-09-13
Conferees Changed

Most Viewed North Carolina Bills

S58Revise Marijuana LawsBill Text
H401Enact Medical Cannabis ActBill Text
H9662019 Appropriations ActBill Text
H86Gun Violence Prevention ActBill Text
S129Advanced Cert. Service Purchase Option/LEOsBill Text
S359Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection ActBill Text
H61Omnibus Gun ChangesBill Text
H390Application for a Convention of the StatesBill Text
S28Restore Master's Pay for Certain TeachersBill Text
H28Prohibit Abortions After 13 WeeksBill Text

Most Monitored North Carolina Bills

H401Enact Medical Cannabis ActBill Text
S58Revise Marijuana LawsBill Text
H9662019 Appropriations ActBill Text
S28Restore Master's Pay for Certain TeachersBill Text
S104National Popular Vote Interstate CompactBill Text
S168Expand Allowed Medical Uses/Cannabis ExtractBill Text
H370Require Cooperation with ICE DetainersBill Text
S404North Carolina First Step ActBill Text
H86Gun Violence Prevention ActBill Text
H377Reduce TestingBill Text

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